2017-04-17 01:01 pm
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In the span of five days, a lot of things have changed.
But it is what it is. You chose what you did and have to live with that.

For so many reasons it was wrong.
But you have to live with that.
2017-04-14 07:36 pm
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Love is something that I have found once,
But haven’t since 2010.
That’s when it all fell apart
A piece of my heart was lost forever.

Now I am searching for that piece of my heart I lost,
But I know it can’t be completely filled and rather than waiting, I force the issue.

I’m pushy, clingy, sleazy, aggressive, troublesome and have less than stellar track record.
But despite those faults, I have a sentimental, affectionate, decent heart that yearns for something more than a one night stand or passing fling.